Michael Buble tribute act #341


  • Amazing Michael Buble tribute
  • Ony greatest hits and vibe
  • Great choice for your event


Michael Buble's impersonator as Bublé LIVE is an unmissable solo tribute show celebrating the music and live performances of the most popular crooner of our era...Michael Bublé.

Michael Buble's impersonator encompasses authentic live performances of hits such as "Haven't Met You Yet", "Everything", and "Home" as well as such orchestral masterpieces as the epic "Cry Me a River" and "Feeling Good" and is a purely must see for Michael Bublé and music fans alike.

Michael Buble's impersonator has travelled the world performing as Michael Bublé and regularly performs privately for the rich and famous.

BBC1's Even Better than the Real Thing

Michael Buble's impersonator was recently chosen from 100’s of Bublé acts from around the globe to perform solo on the up coming Christmas special of recent popular BBC1 show ”Even Better than the Real Thing”. Hosted by Paddy McGuiness and aired on Saturday night prime time 23rd December the show is a must watch for Bublé and music fans alike.

Michael Buble's impersonator's uncanny vocal likeness and cheeky onstage charm are the perfect final pieces to one of the best Bublé tribute shows around....... Michael Buble's impersonator also offers further LIVE packages including.