Phil Collins tribute act #343


  • Great Phil Collins tribute act
  • Only 100% greatest hits
  • Perfect choice for your event

When you buy tickets to our show for the first time, we are under no illusion that the reason behind it is the music of the main man, Phil Collins. Whether you are a fan of the Genesis era or the solo material, you need convincing at a tribute show that the musicians feel the same way you do about the notes they sing and play.

Within seconds of seeing our ‘Phil’ you will realise that your fears are unfounded. The vocals, the mannerisms, the passion of the telling of the story and each heartfelt word, Lead singer O’Connell perfectly captures our hero. From the sad ballads to the rocking pop songs, it’s obvious that Lead singer has spent a lot of time watching Phil perform. Watch his antics with the tambourine, see him interact with the band and then take to the drum stool or keyboard to finish the job of proving he has it all to capture the essence of Mr Collins on stage.

Lead singer is a lifelong Phil Collins and Genesis fan from Liverpool. He has a background in theatre and acting, skills of which are shown on stage in abundance! Lead singer comes from a musical family of multi instrumentalists. He started his stage career as a guitarist, with Dave Gilmour a major influence. At 19, a friend persuaded him to listen to the Genesis albums ‘A Trick of The Tail’ and ‘Wind and Wuthering’, and the young Lead singer’ love of Genesis and Phil Collins began. Come to chat to him at the end of a show and hear his knowledge of the hero he so naturally portrays….once you get him chatting though, you might never get home….

Favourite Music: Oh you mean apart from Phil and Genesis? The Beatles, Steely Dan, Yes, Supertramp, Elton John, Whitney Houston.
Lead singer’ favourite Phil Collins song to perform is ‘In the Air Tonight’
His favourite Phil album is ‘Face Value’ and he feels Phil’s most underrated song is ‘Don’t let him steal your heart away’.