MICHAEL JACKSON tribute act #359


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Sergio Cortés is a unique impersonator of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Many different people, including professional artists, have tried to copy the legendary singer. Some looked almost exactly like him. However, none of them managed to achieve such excellent results as Sergio Cortés. He is unmatched! Even without makeup, Sergio looks like Michael’s identical twin.

This talented guy from Barcelona arranges exciting and memorable performances at his concerts by copying the celebrity’s dancing style and vocals. Not too many fans can notice the difference between Cortes and their idol, even when standing close to the stage.

Michael’s fans consider Sergio the best impersonator on the planet. The artist is becoming more and more popular. He is conquering new heights by performing on different stages all over the world and making Jackson’s fans happy every time.
His shows are full of special effects and energy, which used to be part of Michael’s performances.

The pop singer’s double spent many years studying Jackson’s body language, habits, and manners. It helps the artist copy Michael to the slightest move of the eyebrow. People, who used to be close to the King of Pop note that Cortés is extremely good at copying Michael.

Sergio sings Jackson’s most famous songs, such as "Man in the Mirror", "Thriller", "Smooth Criminal", and "Heal the world!" Anyone, who has ever seen Cortés perform, is amazed by his skills. Many fans dream of taking a picture with the impersonator. Sergio is always happy to oblige. He even posts some of such photos on his Instagram.

Cortés has numerous followers on social media because he tries hard to keep them interested, Anyone has an opportunity to find out how amazingly close this Spanish artist looks to Michael Jackson by visiting his Facebook and Instagram profiles or booking his performance for a private event.