Bon Jovi tribute (UK) #174


  • Great Bon Jovi experience
  • Authentic 100% live sound
  • Great tribute band from UK

The Founder Member of The BJE, Tony has studied various styles over the course of his singing career. He started singing at the age of 6 after being chosen for the school choir in the infants and received vocal tuition from the music teacher who showed him how to use his voice correctly and also taught him how to play the guitar. Through his school life he performed in many productions hosted by the school and also performed in countless local bands from an early age. In the 80’s and 90’s, Tony was the vocalist with Scratch and Big Shot from Birmingham who had plenty of media coverage at the time.

For 3 years, starting in 1990, he attended private tuition in Worcester from some of the best vocal coaches in the country, some of who work with singers in the West End and are used for tuition in the music industry. In 1995, after Johnny (Tico) met Tony while Johnny was standing in for a friend in a local band, Tony was invited up on stage to sing. After the show Johnny asked him to join By Jovi. Tony fronted By Jovi from 1995 until July 2004, performing for millions of people all over the world.

After Tonys departure from By Jovi in 2004, Tony formed the band known today as the Worlds leading tribute to BON JOVI…… THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE.

Edd has been a huge Bon Jovi fan since way back in the early 80s, Just around that time and after watching Richie, plus Richie’s hero Eric Clapton live, it gave Edd the inspiration to take up playing guitar. Not having the luxury of attending a guitar school, Edd is 100% self taught which has often surprised and impressed many of his peers not one to keep his guitar skills to himself he can be regularly be seen chatting and giving technical advice to would be Richie’s at shows.

Realising that perfecting the Richie guitar is only part of the role, Edd has spent extensive time perfecting his now great backing vocals to give that ‘extra edge’ to the band and can, on occasion, be see at shows performing main vocals on the song ILL BE THERE FOR YOU as the real Richie also does.

“The only thing better than performing Bon Jovi songs is seeing BJE fans thoroughly enjoying themselves at our shows, I feel privileged to be part of THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE”– Edd.

Steve, (aka Dave) started playing piano at the age of 7 and eventually progressed to the Royal School of Music where he achieved diplomas in classical performance and music theory. Having been a much sought after session musician and teacher for 15 years he joined the Bon Jovi Experience in 2013. ”

I have known Tony (Jon) since we were teenagers and felt honoured and privileged when he asked me to join the band.” “Having been lucky enough to do what i love for a career this was the icing on the cake, it doesn’t get any better than to see and hear our fans really enjoying themselves at one of our shows.”

Paul (aka) Tico has been playing drums even before he could talk, following in the footsteps of his father and brother who were both drummers.

“My own musical career started at school where I played the trumpet but my love of music lay in drums with the likes of Phil Collins, Tommy Lee , and Tico Torres to name a few. I joined my first band at 16 and thought that I would be a rock star by Christmas as every musician thinks! I have played ever since, in many bands from Abba to Motley Crue, and now I’ve been given the chance to be one of my childhood heroes and grabbed it with both hands. It’s a privilege to be part of the Bon Jovi Experience and to play with my band of brothers. We make sure it’s a show you’ll never forget…

Nick started to play guitar at an early age before switching to bass at the age of 18, first playing in local rock cover bands. That’s where he first met Edd (Richie), and has continued to play in various cover and tribute bands ever since, travelling all over the UK and abroad.

Nick has been a Bon Jovi fan since he first heard “Runaway” as a teenager at his local youth club, so when he got the call to be reunited with his old friend playing the music that he grew up listening to it was an opportunity that he just couldn’t refuse!