Bruce Springsteen tribute band #313


  • Amazing Bruce Springsteen tribute act
  • Only 100% greatest rock'n'roll vibe
  • Great choice for your event

For the long years between Bruce Springsteen’s European tours, this band provides a vibrant dose of Bruce Springsteen tribute band injected into every hungry heart aching for such a tonic.

You can expect an ‘E-Street’ experience that captures the unique seven-piece band line-up through arrangements from legendary concerts such as the Main Point, the Bottom Line, Passaic, Tempe and Winterland.

This is a high energy show that includes original arrangements from the 1970s Wild, Innocent and a slow, bluesy ‘E Street Shuffle’ combined with all the main hits from the Born to Run, Darkness, The River and Born in the USA albums, plus many more.

Bruce Springsteen tribute band stands out as there are usually a couple of rare gems not normally performed by tribute bands, e.g. Action in the Streets went down a storm at the last sold out gig. Several live video clips from Bruce Springsteen tribute band gigs are now available on our TRACK LIST page (see left).

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