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Bruce Springsteen tribute band #316

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  • Great tribute band for your event
  • Only 100% greatest hits
  • Great choice for your event

American rock icon Bruce Springsteen and his Bruce Springsteen tribute band band have been at the top of the international music scene for more than 40 years.
In addition to his many hits and versatile repertoire, he is best known for his legendary concerts that regularly exceed 3 hours.
With a lot of energy, passion and emotion he takes the audience to unprecedented heights.
The Boss Brothers
Since 2011, the Bruce Springsteen Tribute "The Boss Brothers" has become a real crowd puller.
In theaters, festivals and various catering establishments they give Springsteen concerts, which can only be surpassed by The Boss itself.
The band has now built up a repertoire to give more than 2 of these marathon concerts with a different set list.
Which favorite hit or classic do you want to hear? Just shout or put your homemade request sign in the air. Your wish is our challenge!


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