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Elton John Tribute act (France) #229

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  • Great Elton John tribute act
  • 100% best hits of Sir.Elton John
  • Great live sound from France

After he saw Elton John Live in concert twice during the Made In England Tour in 1995 and The Big Picture Tour in 1998, Fred Bechtold decides to recreate the atmosphere of these shows and to render his own interpretation of most Elton John’s hits.

He meets drummer and percussionist Nicolas Kieffer and they decide to build up an Elton John repertoire made of most of his hits and some other rarities. They start playing concerts as a duet inspired by the concert Elton John (piano and lead vocal) and Ray Cooper (percussions) played in Moscow in 1979 and which is considered as a must. After a series of concerts at the end of 2016, Fred and Nicolas decide to play their repertoire as a three-piece band and start looking for a bass player.

Perrine Diehl is chosen to perform an all new and more dynamic repertoire of Elton songs with Nicolas on drums for a change. In the summer 2017, Gabriel Palmieri, a very talented guitarist, finally joins them to bring a new energy to the band.

In 2018, the band sets itself the challenge of putting on a show reminiscent of the “Million Dollar Piano” tour and promoting it all over Europe, so Eltonology sees the arrival of Gabriel Palmeri on guitar as well as Claude Schuh and Amandine Montico at the choirs and Cédric Lauer at the percussions.


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