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George Michael tribute #223

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  • Perfect George Michael tribute
  • Only 100% best hits
  • Good choice for your special event!


George Michael tribute act is Performing his George Michael Tribute Since 2009, although he has being singing and playing keyboards in various bands since 1996.

Being a major admirer and fan of George Michael since his Faith days, George Michael tribute act always tried to imitate his idol during his teen years. He won a Karaoke competition back in 1996, performing 2 George Michael Songs, Careless Whisper and Jesus to a Child. So the seed was certainly planted then.

Since George Michael tribute act has being performing his Tribute since 2009, he has performed extensively throughout Ireland and has frequently performed in London, George Michael's UK home city. George Michael tribute act has also performed his George Tribute in various Holiday resorts in Spain. He has performed on Cruise ships and various corporate events home & abroad.

George Michael tribute act is also an accomplished musician and studio engineer & Music producer. He creates and arranges the majority of his Music Tracks for the show, and has a major musical input when performing the live show with the band on the venue circuit.

George Michael tribute act has major plans for the coming years. With the involvement of the correct music & event promoters, he wants to take the tribute to as many parts of Europe and the world, recreating George Michael’s music in his tribute performances. But he insists he will always be true to his roots, in Dublin, which he says has "So Many Die Hard George Michael Fans".

George Michael tribute act hopes to keep the musical brilliance of George Michael alive in his tribute performances to one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time. I don’t think you'll be disappointed if you can make it out for one of his great Tribute shows. But hey, make your own decision. Just remember to Listen Without Prejudice and have Faith!


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