Limp Bizkit tribute band (Germany) #154


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Limp Bizkit tribute band from Germany!

From AC / DC to Metallica to ZZ Top ... for almost every cult band there is also a suitable band that honors their role models in the form of tribute shows. In the case of Limp Bizkit tribute band from Germany, these role models are none other than the American superstars Limp Bizkit!

The 5 musicians from Kirnsonville (Limp Bizkit fans understand the meaning of this modification of the place name "Kirn") formed a tribute band in July 2013 and have since covered all aspects of the band around front man Fred Durst. This makes them the first and currently only one of them Art in Germany.

Songs from all albums, the successful band that has been around for 20 years, are part of the Limp Bizkit tribute band from Germany repertoire and are presented in a live show with all-typical elements of the "Limp Bizkit Style" and great attention to detail. Like the original , the quintet knows how to combine mainstream audiences and die-hard rock fans with international hits like "Rollin '", "Break Stuff", "Behind Blue Eyes", "Take A Look Around" or "My Way" into a celebrating unit.