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Metallica Tribute Band (Symphonic) #159

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  • Perfect Symphonic experience
  • Best Metallica songs in symphonic sounding
  • Unforgettable emotions and enjoyable music

If you consider yourself a true fan of METALLICA and rock in general, then you should definitely see THIS! An unprecedented project where a professional rock band and a symphony orchestra completely recreate the legendary METALLICA live album "S&M". The cult double disc, recorded with the San Francisco Orchestra, was released back in 1999, but remains loved and popular to this day!

Maybe that's why the tribute show "METALLICA with Symphony Orchestra" is accompanied by a deafening success. The recent big concert in Moscow confirmed and strengthened the popularity of the project. On April 17, a grandiose concert with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra took place in the Grand Kremlin Palace, which marked the end of a large tour of the country. An exciting multimedia show, stunning sound and masterful playing of classical and rock musicians did not leave indifferent any of the guests - they will remember this show for a long time!

The big concert in the Kremlin was held with a FULL ANSHLAG, and tickets for the event were sold out already a month before its start. It is not surprising that after the concert there was a huge amount of positive feedback and rave reviews. The spectacular show left a lot of impressions for the audience, here are some of them:

"That awkward moment when a Metallica tribute sounds better than Metallica itself."

“Awesome. Gorgeous. Magically. Sumptuously. I do not have enough words to describe this concert and the state of mind during the performance of the tribute band. What the guys did on stage cannot be compared with anything. " The incomparable play of the children and the exciting voices carried them away to another world, where only me and music. And no external factors had the right to interfere with us and our hearts, which beat to the beat. I wanted to scream and cry at the same time. "

“The incredible contrast is mesmerizing. I would like to penetrate into the minds and feelings of symphonic musicians, and understand how it is! "

"To say it's cool here is to say nothing."

After the concert, the audience was especially impressed by the symphony orchestra and its conductor, Viktor Babarikin. As one of the enthusiastic guests wrote about him, "he overshadowed everyone, the most real" rocker "in spirit came out." “It was the conductor who acted as the basis for the dialogue of cultures. In an official classical costume, leading the same academic musical orchestra, he managed not only to find a common musical language with a heavy metal band in leather jackets and chains, but also came into direct contact with the audience. "

The tour of Russian cities preceding the grandiose Moscow concert was also a huge success. In each city, the musicians were accompanied by a triumph, in total, the concerts were attended by more than 20,000 people - the population of a small city! The show "METALLICA with Symphony Orchestra", gathering full houses everywhere, has received recognition and many good reviews from a variety of people, from critics and professional journalists to rock fans.

The Metallica tribute show with a large symphony orchestra is a truly exclusive program that has no analogues in Russia! Classics and modernity merge into a single whole and appear before the audience in their unique mystical beauty. Such a grandiose show will be remembered by the audience forever and will impress anyone, even the most sophisticated fan of Metallica, rock and music in general.

“Heavy metal through a multi-instrumental symphony orchestra is undeniably a scale. The orchestra refines the metal, and the metal fills the orchestra. Experiments within the framework of the dialogue of cultures are always a fertile and provoking cultural shock. " This fan review is the best description of a great show that everyone should attend!

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