Mötley Crue tribute act (USA) #253


  • Great Mötley Crue tribute act
  • 100% rock'n'roll atmosphere
  • Only live sound & amazing vibe

Mötley Crue tribute band is the ultimate tribute to one of the 80’s most notorious and legendary hard rock acts, straight from the Sunset Strip, the original bad boys of rock-n-roll, the L.A. Kings of debauchery and sleaze, the one and only Motley Crue…

Mötley Crue tribute band was formed in 2007 in Raleigh, NC and quickly rose in popularity with local and regional hard rock fans still longing for a taste of the Decade of Decadence, the 1980’s.

The group is fronted by Gabriel Pettit, who is praised by fans for his outstanding and uncanny ability to duplicate Crue vocalist Vince Neil’s range, tone and stage presence. Along with searing raw energy and powerful delivery of the music, the group incorporates the look and style of past and present Motley Crue with Darius Rose as Tommy Lee, Scott Koempel as Mick Mars and Miller Barefoot as Nikki Sixx.

Mötley Crue tribute band takes you back in time to when guitars ripped, drums thundered and bass boomed paying homage to the Crue as only they can with a show that will leave you wanting more and more.

So come now Children of the Beast, be strong and Shout at the Devil…