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Linkin Park Tribute Band (Hungary) #158

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  • Authentic Linkin Park experience
  • Linkin Park tribute band from Hungary
  • Make your event special with Linkin Park tribute band

Linkin Park tribute band from Hungary!

Tribute band introduces itself: Zoli Csányi - vocals Albert Sinka - mc Gábor Domán - guitar Gábor Domján - bass, vocals Raja Hamsa Das - drums

Zoli Csányi

I was born in 1974. I have been dealing with music as a drummer for 24 years. I have been following the work of Linkin Park since the beginning and I love it to the point of admiration. The Hungarian Linkin Park Tribut was founded in August 2005 by my loved one. My regular bands are Black-Out, Roy & Adam Trio. My favorites, role models: Linkin Park: D, Dave Weckl, AC / DC, Jack Black, etc. and from our small country the Dirt 1 puppies and the others. All the best to everyone !!

Tamás Bánhegyi

I was born in 1989, I have loved listening to music since I was a child - my love of Linkin Park also started here - but I only started playing music when I was 14-15. I’ve played in hip-hop, pop and metal bands before, so I’m an omnivore. In addition to Picnic Park, I am also the guitarist of Massa. Examples: Slash, Jerry Cantrell, Angus Young, Nuno Bettencourt.

Sinka Albert

I was born in 1989, I grew up in hip-hop, I wrote poems, lyrics, I got into freestyle, and then you found a chance that my own band will be presented soon, I starred with Soho, but we are planning more productions of this kind. role models: sub bass monster, akkezdet phiai, method man, busta rhymes. Favorite music: hiphop / jazz-funk-electro (parov stelar)

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