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Adele Tribute act #187

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  • Great Adele tribute act
  • 100% Adele look alike
  • Perfect show experience

The ultimate tribute to the famous and beloved Adele
Super production is in a tour around Latin America, Europe and Asia

The world famous soul singer Adele will be honored with an unprecedented show. Even being one of the most well succeeded artists in the showbiz, the English hitmaker is indefinitely retired from tours. Adele claims private and medical reasons. However, the millions of fans all over the world still miss Adele’s voice and presence in stage. That’s why Hits Entretenimento bring up Hello Adele Tribute, a show that’ll tour Latin America, Europe and Asia presenting a tribute to the greatest singer of all times. More than 200 people had been involved in the production in the last 12 months, with an investment of $ 2 million and an expected audience of three thousand in each performance.

The show presents beauty and perfection yet not seen in tributes. It is inspired by the millions of Adele’s fans who never got the opportunity to see her on stage and to be touched by the power of her performance. After the announcement of the retiring, the chance to really experience the English singer was none. Up to now. This tribute accomplishes the smallest details so that the differences between the inspiration itself – the true Adele – and the performance in stage remain unnoticed.
The main reference to the scenery is the ambiance of the “Live at the Royal Albert Hall”, a DVD recorded in 2011. The microphone and the pedestal used by the interpreter on stage are identical to the originals. From the tissue to the piano, every detail of the scenery was reproduced. The art director, Juliano Carvalho, said: “We used the DMX System to control the stage lighting and effects. Thanks to that system, each lampshade in the stage background becomes an independent light, creating a variety of light designs. In each song, the audience will see a new visual effect”.
The task to personify the world music icon was given to the French Brazilian actress Stephanie Lii, who spent two months of study in London, breathing the same air that created Adele.
The show lasts for 80 minutes and presents 17 songs. Tracks from the “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” DVD and from the later albums combine to create a dynamic and touching setlist. The audience will be thrilled with performances such as “Hello”, “Someone Like You”, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Set Fire to the Rain”.

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