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Marilyn Monroe impersonator 
Marilyn Monroe impersonator is recognised and acknowledged as a leader in her field, having portrayed Marilyn Monroe internationally at the highest levels.

As seen this year ,2020 on ‘Britains Got Talent’ , Reality TV show ‘The Savoy’ and singing on live to Piers Morgan on TV’S Good Morning Britain

Actress was cast to portray Marilyn in the Hollywood blockbuster BladeRunner 2049 alongside Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford

She was the official Marilyn Monroe lookalike model for the 2016 Marilyn Monroe world tour for Auction House Juliens, modelling the dresses and items worn and owned by Marilyn Monroe from the collection of The Marilyn Monroe Estate and David Gainsborough Roberts.

Actress has appeared in International feature films , TV dramas , TV commercials and West End Theatre alongside editorial and commercial photographic work, her résumé speaks for itself as the ultimate professional Marilyn Monroe lookalike and tribute artist .

Born in the U.S.A but based in London with dual nationality her live shows and appearances are requested across the globe .

Actress portrayed Marilyn in many films including recently starring in the blockbuster BladeRunner 2049, Oscar winning ‘Theory of Everything ‘ and for the Italian director Pieraccioni as his co star in the xmas box office hit “Me and Marilyn , (Io e Marilyn)”

Tv dramas include ‘Who Killed Marilyn?’ “Seven days that made a president -JFK” and ‘Autopsy- the final days of marilyn’ . TV shows have included winning ‘Come Dine With Me’, ‘Blind Date’ ,’Weakest link’ and many more.

In addition she has fronted global TV advertising campaigns including the Estate of Marilyn Monroe for their official Marilyn jewellery line . .

Actress has modelled marilyns own personal and movie clothing. Wearing her most iconic actual dresses with many auction houses including Juliens , Christies and Bonhams auction houses modelling marilyns actual clothing and possessions for the worldwide media .

She was also the Winner of the 2017 Best Actress at the Reel Awards lookalike oscars in Las Vegas

With A list clients and blue chip corporations Actress continues to portray Marilyn Monroe at the highest level expected of a award winning professional Marilyn Monroe lookalike and tribute artist.