Marilyn Monroe impersonator #283


  • Great Marilyn Monroe tribute
  • WOW effect to your guests
  • Great photos & vibe

Everyone loves Marilyn. She and Johnny Hyde created the ultimate glamourous "Movie Star", and the image sustains. Today she represents the ultimate feminine to younger generations. Loving and warm, she had an ironic sense of humor and was grounded in serious determination. In one of her final interviews she said she liked making jokes, but didn't want to BE the joke.

Actress's had the fortunate experience of getting to know some of her close friends, biggest fans, and collectors, which have given her insight into this incredible woman.

John Gilmore, author of Inside Marilyn Monroe: "Actress Beavon possessed this (internal radiating) energy. It was as though once again, after all the years, I was experiencing Marilyn. It is a feeling that far transcends the surface energy and mannerisms presented by others attempting to portray Marilyn"