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Winston Churchill impersonator #299

In stock


  • Authentic Winston Churchill look alike
  • Ideal for themed events
  • WOW your guests with special appearance

Bring an extra dimension to your event with the witty, amiable and larger-than-life presence of a Winston Churchill lookalike. Enthral your guests with some of Churchill’s famous World War II speeches and celebrated quips, as this impersonator provides a captivating Talk on the Life of Churchill, delivered in full character throughout including famous anecdotes, quotations and speeches. A MUST-SEE, PURE NOSTALGIA!!” Otherwise,if you simply require a"meet & greet" or an amusing patriotic sing-along, this impersonator is your man!

this impersonator is the only Winston Churchill Lookalike who accurately replicates Winston’s Churchill’s voice especially when delivering Winston Churchill’s Wartime speeches. this impersonator Herbert has an impressive reputation as being one of the best Winston Churchill Lookalikes and never fails to impress, borne out by the excellent testimonials which he receives for his Winston Churchill performances and the reason why so many of his bookings are from personal recommendations.

His attention to detail in clothing and mannerisms makes his look-alike performance highly believable. His vocal mimicry complements his visual detail and his amiable personality, good humour, acting ability and admiration for Winston Churchill bring his character brilliantly to life, entertaining guests in any situation.

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