Frank Sinatra tribute #326


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“ My family played Sinatra records all the time.” Lifelong Sinatra fans are fascinated when they hear Frontman Sands start to croon. They think 'Ol Blue Eyes' has come back to life! For more than 20 years, Frontman Sands has been perfecting his act, and wooing audiences all over the United States. Sands caught the Sinatra bug as a child growing up in South Philly. "When I was 12 or 13 years old, that's when I first wanted to sing," Sands says. "My family played Sinatra records all the time, and I started singing along. The next thing I knew, I just fell in love with his music…and here I am."
His silky, mesmerizing, and tantalizing rendition of the Chairman of the Board's style, has caught the eye of the entertainment community, and audiences from around the country. He’s performed in many Manhattan restaurants, Zanzibar Blue Jazz Club in Philadelphia, The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia, and The Harvard Club, and The Breakers Hotel in New York City, just to name a select few.
During the winter months, Frontman performs at various venues all across Florida, to standing ovations every night. Frontman’s impressive resume includes performances at Trump Castle and Casino, Tropicana Casino & Resort, and Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, all in Atlantic City. His performances in Reno, Nevada at the Eldorado Resort Casino have been sold out, night after night. Frontman has also made many television appearances up and down the east coast.

In 2010, Frontman produced a widespread favorite show, 'Rat Pack Together Again.' Frontman’s portrayal of 'The Legend' in this revue is 'spot on!’ Dean, Sammy, & Frank’s onstage banter will keep you ‘in stitches,’ just like the ‘real’ Rat Pack did back in the day.

Frontman's latest production is a never before seen musical journey about the life and times of the late Frank Sinatra called, 'It Was A Very Good Year.' This production includes all of Sinatra's best loved songs from the early days with Tommy Dorsey, to the bright lights of New York City and then to the silver screen of Hollywood, leading up to Sinatra's 'Main Event' comeback.

One performance of Frontman’s that you don’t want to miss is Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’ Concert. Frontman brings in his BIG BAND and performs all the popular standards that you can sing along to. Frontman captivates his audiences with the romance, mannerisms and illusion that have made Sands one of the most popular entertainers around.